WKF PRO-AM division – our elite amateur division

From the beginning in WKF we split very clearly amateur and pro business, in ring sport as well as in PPF and MMA. New is our SANDA & WUSHU division.

WKF PRO AM title belt
WKF PRO-AM continental title belt

This is to follow many requests and wishes of our clients , managers and thousands of our fighters from all over the World. Today we are very successfully not only in pro sport but of course in amateur business too.




With great pleasure we want your poster of WKF sanctioned tournaments, with our logo on the poster. We would like to help with online advertising free of charge, of course. Short reports after would be great.

We just want to remind every WKF country president World wide to send fighter profiles of your amateurs or just non-professional male/female fighters in ring sport.We have same system like in other pro sport in WKF.

We offer the chance to fight in all 4 ring sport divisions for our great demand WKF Champion belts. Here are our 5 pro divisions, with valid World ranking lists, rules, title fight minimum requirements and much more


Our WKF PRO AM titles has a great value because of our World wide network with today 126 member countries you have the chance to fight not only at home. And no fighter will lose his/her amateur status , he/she can fight still on any tournament, any World Championship World wide. And you can be sure just to face another amateur fighter with perhaps 15 to 20 fights and not real pro with more than 100 fights.

The rules and regulations for PRO AM are easy to understand and waiting for your download.

All you have to do is just send your fighter profile and jpg photos like always and we post your team online in the PRO AM World ranking.

Because: only male/female fight in our PRO AM World ranking are qualified to fight for our WKF titles.

For further requests or interest on any possible PRO AM title fights do not hesitate to send a mail , please.


WKF PRO-AM World title belt

WKF World Championships in Egypt in October 2021






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WKF MIDDLE EAST  director Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI is putting all the team’s energies into the preparation for this upcoming amazing World Championship 2021, so that everything that is being offered in this great event becomes a flawless reality.
Mr. Desouki invite the World for the next WKF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2021, October 18th to 24th.
Beautiful City of Cairo in amazing Egypt is the host City.
So many African countries don´t need entry Visa for Egypt.

You will face first time in your live real Champions from e.g. Egypt, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Congo, Algeria, Kenya, Tunisia and of course fighters from all over the World !
Just the weekend before WKF head office promote the annual World referee seminar in Cairo.
Until today we have 51 country pre-registrations from all 6 continents. Many competitors e.g. in Forms or in MMA and point fighting, a huge WKF CHINA team for Sanda will attend too.
Please note: Muay Thai in Egypt is in full Muay Thai rules, here many photos from the past …
Sport has no racial, social or political barriers, which means that it is the perfect way for all men and women, boys and girls to achieve amazing results, regardless of race, creed or colour.
The opportunity to represent one’s country in the name of sport at an international level is probably one of the greatest achievements an individual can make. The pressure that the competitors have at this level is enormous, and goes far beyond normal physical endurance.
And if you don’t participate, the whole world will know!
But be careful: not for internet champions
To win, especially at such a high level, competitors will have to tap into inner resources that their years of training will have prepared them for.
Come to see charming City Cairo, friendly people, Pyramids and trip on the river Nil, 5000 Years of history, fair accommodation offers, excellent Arabic AND international food, famous fish meals, pastry and cakes and a real great World Championship in ancient Egypt.


This is was you get in Cairo


Welcome to Egypt 2021 !













TOP TEN countries in all WKF World Championships


This is the Grand total medal record of our TOP TEN countries from

all WKF World Championships in the past !



Leading continent is today WKF EUROPA


First NON European country is WKF ARGENTINA on pos. 3rd    60/61/36


First North American country is WKF CANADA on pos. 11th    16/24/9


first Asian country is WKF IRAN on pos. 15th  15/2/7


Best Africans are WKF SOUTH AFRICA on pos 18th,    9/4/3


Down under WKF AUSTRALIA hold on position 34th  1/2/3


At home in his hometown event everybody could be the champion …


but to compete on the highest level, our World championship and to challenge the best fighter of the world – this is a different story.

So many countries attended in the past without any medals, we hope for better luck and more success this Year !

In total we had 72 different countries attending, this Year we expect a new record on countries and fighters.


Any WKF country is welcome in our WKF World Championships in Cairo, Egypt, October 18th to 24th 2021


WKF CHINA – International referee seminar 2021

International World class referees from China  / 来自中国的国际世界级裁判员




WKF CHINA 总裁严迪南先生宣布了下一届亚洲国际评论研讨会。




这座城市被称为Hebe省的 邯郸市 城市,是Yang Taiji的发源地。


特邀嘉宾是WKF World总裁Fritz EXENBERGER先生。


欲了解更多信息,请通过电子邮件直接联系 严弟楠



WKF CHINA president Mr. YAN Dinan announce next international referee seminar in Asia.

Date and venue will be announced soon,  the City is Handan in Hebei province, the birthplace of Yang’s tai chi.

Special guest is WKF World president Mr. Fritz EXENBERGER.

For any further information contact Sifu YAN directly by mail, please.


WKF CHINA officials from the last seminar / WKF CHINA官员参加了上一次研讨会


Chengdu Overseas Chinese Community Celebrating the 100th Anniversary

“Chengdu Overseas Chinese Community Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Party and Chengdu Federation of Overseas Chinese Youth Committee” held in Chengdu, WKF World Free Fighting Federation China Chairman  was elected as the “Chengdu Overseas Chinese Federation Youth Committee Member” “Warmly celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China”!


The masses of the overseas Chinese in Chengdu have a common wish to express their hearts to the party and build their dreams. On the morning of July 3, 2021, the “Chengdu Overseas Chinese Community Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Party and the Founding Conference of the Chengdu Federation of Overseas Chinese Youth Committee” was held in Chengdu Xinhua Hotel.

More than 200 people from various districts, cities, and counties of Chengdu Federation of Overseas Chinese, heads of relevant overseas Chinese organizations such as universities in Chengdu, and enterprise overseas Chinese associations, and representatives of overseas Chinese associations at all levels attended the event.

WKF ASIA continental federation

On the day of the “Chengdu Overseas Chinese Community Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Party and the Founding Meeting of the Chengdu Federation of Overseas Chinese Youth Committee”, the Chengdu Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Youth Committee approved the establishment according to the “Resolution of the Second General Committee of the 5th Chengdu Returned Overseas Chinese Federation”.

With the approval of the higher-level competent authority, the “First Member Conference of the Chengdu Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Youth Committee” was convened. During the meeting, Lord Yan Dinan, Chairman of WKF World Fighting Federation China, member of China Zhi Gong Party, and Maltese lifelong noble knight, was successfully elected as the “First Session of the Chengdu Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Youth Committee” as the outstanding youth representative of the overseas Chinese community.



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WKF世界跆拳道联盟, WKF世界武术散打委员会, WKF世界跆拳道联盟亚洲理事会 …

Sifu YAN Dinan, WKF CHINA and WUSHU World president

WKF世界跆拳道联合会、WKF世界武术散打委员会、WKF世界跆拳道联合会亚洲理事会、WKF世界跆拳道联合会中国区决定,即日起重启“武斗”体育项目的研发和建设。职位。 WKF世界武术散打委员会和WKF世界自由搏击联合会中国区于2019年5月授权成立WKF中国武术推委会(筹备委员会),筹备委员会部分成员涉嫌使用“WKF世界武术联合会”名称自由搏击联合会”和“武斗”项目,从中获得金钱和利润。

这一举动,对“WKF世界格斗联盟”和“吴格斗联盟”构成了严重威胁。 “Beat”体育赛事产生负面影响。 WKF世界自由搏击联合会总部于2019年9月决定撤销WKF中国搏击推委会(筹委会),暂停“武打”体育项目的研发和立项。



项目工作。 经研究,确定WKF世界武术散打委员会主席、WKF世界自由搏击联合会中国区主席:闫迪南勋爵亲自担任WKF中国武术散打委员会(筹委会)主任; WKF世界自由搏击联合会中国区技术顾问:冯楚健先生,WKF世界搏击联合会中国区名誉顾问:孙铁海先生曾任WKF中国武术委员会(筹委会)副主任,领导研发和“武术”体育项目立项。

其余参与研发的新成员将担任WKF中国武术委员会(筹备委员会)的成员。在年底举行的“吴博”体育规则研讨会和吴博体育协会成立大会上,根据新会员的能力和意愿,他们将在新成立的吴博体育协会任职。即日起,WKF中国武术委员会(筹委会)将向全社会征集研发意见,招募新成员。 事项不通知。 WKF 世界格斗联合会中国



WKF World Kickboxing Federation, WKF World Wushu Sanda Committee, WKF World Kickboxing Federation Asia Council, WKF World Kickboxing Federation China has decided to restart the research and development and establishment of the “Wu Fighting” sports project with immediate effect. jobs.


The WKF World Wushu Sanda Committee and the WKF World Free Fighting Federation China region authorized the establishment of the WKF Chinese Wushu Pushing Committee (Preparatory Committee) in May 2019. Some members of the Preparatory Committee were suspected of using the names of the “WKF World Free Fighting Federation” and the “Wu Fighting” project to receive money and profit from them.

This action was a serious threat to the “WKF World Fighting Fighting Federation” and the “Wu Fighting Federation”. “Beat” sports events have a negative impact. The WKF World Free Fighting Federation Headquarters decided to revoke the WKF Chinese Fighting Pushing Committee (Preparatory Committee) in September 2019, and suspend the research and development and project approval of the “Wu Fighting” sports project.

It has been two years since the WKF World Free Fighting Federation and tens of thousands of martial arts enthusiasts around the world are still concerned about the development and innovation of “wushu” sports. In order to discover and sort out the skills of traditional Chinese martial arts, relying on the international resource advantages of WKF World Free Fighting Federation, it aims to inherit and innovate the Chinese national quintessence. WKF World Kickboxing Federation and WKF World Kickboxing Federation’s Asian Council have researched and agreed that starting from today, the WKF World Wushu Sanda Committee and WKF World Kickboxing Federation will restart the research and development of the “Wu Fighting” sports project. Project work.

After research, it is determined that the chairman of WKF World Wushu Sanda Committee and the chairman of WKF World Free Fighting Federation China: Lord Yan Dinan personally serves as the director of WKF Chinese Wushu Sports Committee (Preparatory Committee); WKF World Free Fighting Federation China Technical Advisor: Mr. Feng Chujian, Honorary Advisor of WKF World Fighting Federation in China: Mr. Sun Tiehai served as the deputy director of WKF Chinese Martial Arts Committee (Preparatory Committee), leading the research and development and project approval of the “Martial Arts” sports project. The remaining new members participating in the research and development will serve as members of the WKF Chinese Martial Arts Committee (Preparatory Committee). At the “Wubo” sports rules seminar and the inauguration meeting of the Wubo Sports Association held at the end of the year, according to the abilities and wishes of the new members, they will take official positions in the newly established Wubo Sports Association. From now on, the WKF Chinese Martial Arts Committee (Preparatory Committee) will collect R&D opinions from the whole society and recruit new members.

Matters not notice.

WKF World Fighting Federation China


June 29, 2021

开罗世界裁判研讨会 – World referee seminar 2021 in Cairo, Egypt

中东Direktor Mohammed DESSOUKI和WKF世界主席Fritz EXENBERGER在上一次开罗会议上




WKF EGYPT  president Mohamed DESSOUKI is the host of the next World referee seminar 2021 on October 15th to 17th. Venue is the amazing 5 star EL GALAA HOTEL in Cairo.

This is the perfect weekend, just before the World Championships 2021 in Cairo. First time in history since 100 Years on the African continent.






Registration deadline October 1st!



We got already many requests from our male / female referees and officials from 6 continents and we hope everybody who would need Visa start in time with Visa procedure.

For details about the World seminar, Visa invitations, any requests about airport transfer, Hotel booking and more contact our Egypt organizing team Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI by mail !

Our update WKF licensed referee list is here !

Many photos of our international WKF referees here !

All rule books in 4 languages free to down load here !

All International WKF referees, who not has attended the last seminars in Santorini 2017, Buenos Aires 2018 or Baia Mare 2019 must extend their license 2021 in Cairo. The extended license is valid for three Years again.

Many photos from all seminars and more are here in the gallery!

Next World referee seminar in spring 2022 in the Netherlands before the upcoming European Championships!









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