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下一个活动在中国 – next TOP event in China

Posted by WKF head office on April 20th, 2023







WKF CHINA – YAN Dinan Sifu








National Fitness Welcomes the Asian Games, Full of Confidence and Confidence, “2023 Zhejiang Youth Free Fighting Club League” Held in Hangzhou National fitness welcomes the Asian Games, full of confidence and prosperity “2023 Zhejiang Youth Free Fighting Club League” officially kicked off at Wulin Square in Hangzhou on April 8.

This competition is sponsored by Zhejiang Free Fighting Sports Association and certified by WKF World Free Fighting Federation in China. More than 120 young athletes from more than a dozen cities, counties, and districts in Zhejiang Province participated in this club league.

The age span of the participating athletes in this competition is 6-17 years old. Although some participating athletes are young, their competitive level cannot be underestimated, and they will compete fiercely in the ring.

WKF Kickboxing is not only a “special event” for boys, it has also become the choice of many girls. The heroic and valiant female contestants are better than the blue, and they showed a wonderful scene in the competition. This competition is the first event held by Zhejiang Free Fighting Sports Association since its establishment in August 2022. As the first city of the league, Hangzhou plays an important role as the “first button”.

Next, free fighting leagues will be launched in Ningbo, Shaoxing, Jiaxing and other places. It aims to promote the development of free fighting projects in Zhejiang Province, accelerate the popularization of national fitness sports, and prepare for the upcoming Hangzhou