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WKF CHINA officially established, Referee Seminar in Chengdu

Posted by WKF head office on November 17th, 2015

CHENGDU 3WKF CHINA held its first meeting in Chengdu, capital of Szechuan province.

Mr. YAN Dinan is our high respected president of WKF in China.

So many important masters from many provinces in China attended the founding meeting.

Now WKF has so many high class experts for Sanda and Wushu in the World wide family.

We expect a huge team by the next World Championships in Italy, November 14th – 19th.

WKF CHINA president Mr. YAN Dinan appointed new SANDA & WUSHU division World president !

With great pleasure and honour WKF head office announce herewith our new World president for Sanda and Wushu.

We are very happy to have Mr. YAN as new member in our board of directors ! For any request in membership in China, or for Sanda send him just your request by mail in Mandarin (普通話) or English language.


Mr. YAN Dinan appointed new Sanda and Wushu World president


more than 60 officials attended the international seminar in Chengdu

Beside the official meeting, Mr. YAN organised first international WKF referee seminar.

More than 60 officials from many provinces attend this high class seminar.

Now we have six new international referees plus more then 50 (!) new WKF China licensed national referees as well.

President YAN Dinan, B class

Mr. LANG Liu, C class

Mr. SHENG Haichuan, C class

Mr. TANG Qian, C class

Mr. WANG Liping, C class

Mr. ZHOU Yongshou, C class

Full list of all WKF CHINA referees is already HERE online. List of all licensed WKF referee World wide is here.

Many top class photos already in the gallery.



CHENGDU 5_C_referee

from left: Mr. Zhou, Mr. Lang, Mr. Sheng, president Yan, Mr. Tang and Mr. Wang