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Posted by WKF head office on March 10th, 2021

严弟楠 WKF 中国和武术世界总统 – WKF CHINA and WKF SANDA World president Sifu YAN Dinan











2021 “Wolf Warrior Cup” WKF National Youth Free Fight Grand Prix held in Jinggangshan City, Jiangxi Province

The purpose of holding this competition is to select high-level young kick fighters, form the WKF Chinese Junior Kickboxing Training Team, and reserve junior talents for the upcoming “2021 WKF Egypt World Kickboxing Championship”.

“Youth is strong, our country is strong!”


This competition attracted 8 teams from all over the country and more than 100 young athletes participated.

In the fierce fighting and confrontation, these young athletes demonstrated the unyielding and brave spirit of advancing martial arts and won the admiration and appreciation of the audience present.

The young athletes who won the championship in this competition were all qualified for the “WKF China Youth Free Fighting Training Team”. They will go to Cairo to participate in the “2021 WKF World Fighting Championships” on behalf of WKF China in October this year.

At that time, it will compete with thousands of high-level athletes from hundreds of countries and regions around the world, showing the world that China is fighting the new generation