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Posted by WKF head office on September 25th, 2020

Sifu YAN Dinan – 严弟楠 WKF 中国和武术世界总统




在本期的“ WKF世界跆拳道联合会(中国)跆拳道教练训练营”中,来自WKF中国的教练和考官被选派到广州。





The 2020 Coach Training Camp of WKF World Kickboxing Federation (China) was held in Guangzhou

“WKF World Kickboxing Federation (China) 2020  Coach Training Camp” was recently held at the D1M Gym Boxing Gym in Haizhu District, Guangzhou. This training camp lasts for three days. The training content is based on free basic combat courses and actual combat improvement courses for fitness coaches.

In this issue of “WKF World Kickboxing Federation (China) Coach Training Camp”, coaches and examiners from WKF CHINA were selected to Guangzhou. These courses combine the strength of a fitness coach, and focus on strength, coordination, flexibility, hand goals, foot goals, fist and leg goals, free kick theoretical principles and practical courses. In this way, the students’ understanding of free martial arts has been improved in a short time, and the teaching level of students in practical training has been greatly improved.

China WKF World Kickboxing Federation regularly organizes “coach training classes” and “coach training camps” so that the whole society can obtain professional, systematic and authoritative Kickboxing coach training certificates!